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Women Wealth Wellness & Wine Book Review

One of the newest athletes Kaily that I train @forgedbarbell gave me this note today and it made my day and year! I often times doubt whether I’m doing the right things in my life and whether I’m having a positive impact in the lives of my clients in both my financial and fitness businesses and right when I think I should be doing something else God sends one of his angels like Kaily to remind me that I am! THANK YOU GOD! Here is what her note said:

Dear Cyril,

I love your Women Wealth Wellness and Wine book! It’s like receiving fatherly advice if my dad had been a Certified Financial Planner and was still alive! Your family is blessed and beautiful! I look forward to learning more from you! Thank you, Kaily

PS: I tried to draw you but maybe it looks like Jason Statham? You have a longer vertical line than him. This must mean I need to keep my day job! PSS: YOU’RE AWESOME!

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