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The ULTIMATE Warm-up / Workout

I am often asked by my athletes, "Coach, what is a workout I can do in between our sessions together?" So I am writing this blog post for those athletes and anyone else who would like a simple VERY LIMITED equipment workout / warm-up.

I have developed this warm-up / workout using the vast experience of my coaches (e.g., Mike O'Brien, Mike Barwis, Dr. Kelly Starrett and others) as well as my own 10+ years coaching experience of coaching AND my own experience as a masters (I'm currently age 58) athlete.

Do as much of the following as you have time for and you can do these every day or prior to playing a sport like PICKLEBALL!

If you would like to make this more of a workout do the Joint Mobility Warmup at the beginning first and then complete as many of the movements as you have time for looping back to the beginning movement and do the various movements for as many rounds as possible increasing the rounds as you get more fit or have more time.


If you have a rowing machine or bike free to add that in to this workout as well.

1.) Coach Cyril's Joint Mobility Warmup: Complete one time at the beginning of each warmup / workout

2.) 90/90 Hip Stretch: Complete 30 to 60 seconds each side

3.) Bird Dog: Complete 5 -10 repetitions each set

4.) Air Squat: Complete 5 - 10 repetitions each set

5.) Dead Bug: Complete 5 - 10 repetitions each set

6.) Glute Bridge: Complete 5 - 10 repetitions each set

7.) Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift: Complete 5 - 10 repetitions each set

8.) Light Weight Shoulder Health Routine: Complete 1 set of 5 - 15 repetitions per arm per movement

9.) Plank / Superman: Complete 4 sets of 15 seconds to 1 minute each

10.) World's Greatest Stretch: Complete 2+ minutes per side

11.) Foam Rolling: Complete 2 minutes per body part

12.) Pickleball / Tennis / Golf / Elbow Pain prevention / rehabilitation protocol: Do the movements as prescribed in the following to get rid of or prevent elbow pain

Please let me know if you have any questions by email or text/call (734) 717-7862 and I hope this helps you too!

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