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Nutrition coaching can help with weight loss or gain and stamina. Coach Cyril works with you to transform your body and increase your energy levels with science-based nutrition and heartfelt encouragement. In addition to a lifetime of education and teaching in fitness, Coach Cyril is also an Integrative Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach and Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach. 

If you're feeling left behind because you can't keep up in sports or play with your grandkids, or you want to change your physique, Coach Cyril has a plan that can transform your body and increase your energy levels.



Coach Cyril starts by learning your “why,” the reason you want to improve your nutrition. He learns about your preferences so that suggestions are tailored to how you live your life. Every part of your nutrition program will be customized for you, with multi-faceted coaching that teaches how to:

  • Follow a Customized Meal Plan

  • Replace Bad Eating Habits with Small, Doable, Healthy Choices

  • Change Eating Behaviors

  • Celebrate the Wins

  • Get Past Blocks and Cross the Finish Line to Your Nutrition Goal!

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“I go on the nutritional journey with my clients, encouraging them when they need it and celebrating with them as they achieve the small wins that lead to realizing a big goal.”

-Coach Cyril White


“Each weekly unit added an important building block and gave me time to think about and try something new without feeling overwhelmed.”

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