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Never stop perfecting and learning your CRAFT!

Sometimes when I’m coaching my fitness classes I may have only one athlete in class. Those athletes are usually very apologetic for being the only athlete in the class and often offer to just work out on their own or to actually leave the class because they say I should have better things to do. Perhaps it’s because they don’t want 100% of my focus to be on them for the entire class, which i can understand completely. However, I find this ironic because coaching is my craft and I want be the best at my craft that I can be so why wouldn’t I want to coach absolutely every possible class and athlete whether there’s one person or whether there’s 100 people to be the best coach I can be?! Any opportunity to coach whether it’s one person or 100 people is another opportunity for me to get better at the craft I love that I want to be the best at for another hour! I’d rather coach anyone than no one! Just look at it as a VERY INEXPENSIVE personal training session! #coachcyril#pickleball#strengthandconditioning

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