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Easy Sourdough Bread Recipe!

We all know what a bad rap bread has with respect to our health! This is mainly due to the bread you buy at the grocery store being full of preservatives so it can stay on the shelf for the maximum amount of time to generate a profit!

Have you ever wondered why so many other countries can literally exist on bread for most of their meals yet not be as obese as so many in the United States? It's because most of their bread is made fresh daily and doesn't have the chemicals and preservatives that ours does!


My wonderful lovely wife Leslie has been making our family a wonderful sourdough bread that is the most delicious and healthy bread I know of! So I can have a sandwich on regular bread that is healthy for me and tastes freaking GREAT!

The problem is that my wife Leslie is so busy building her pickleball business that she no longer has time to make her awesome sourdough bread so I asked her to teach me to make it and for the past year I have made at least one or two loafs each week and they have all turned out amazing! Which proves that this recipe is completely IDIOT PROOF because I have been known to screw up making a PB & J sandwich!

So if you want to know how to make the most amazing healthy bread in the universe watch the video above and follow the recipe below! ENJOY!


4 Cups Flour

1 Cup Starter (you can get your initial starter from or search for "sourdough bread starter")

¼ Cup Oil

¼ Cup Sugar

1 Cup Water

2 teaspoons Salt


1.) Mix and let sit 10 min.

2.) Add Salt and Mix again 3+ min.

3.) Pour into greased loaf pans and cover

4.) Let rise 2 – 24 Hours

5.) Put in cold oven, set @ 350 degrees 50 – 60 min.

6.) ENJOY!

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