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10th CrossFit Open Done!

Well another CrossFit Open is in the books! I completed the 22.3 workout with my Tribe today at Forged Barbell in Ann Arbor who all did awesome! This was my 10th CrossFit Open in a row and I'm glad it's over and so glad once again that I was able to do it and see so many of my athletes grind through the three workouts with grit and determination! We train so hard each year and the Open always tests an entire years worth of training! My goal was to finish the entire workout within the 12 minute time cap and I was able to achieve that goal in 9:35! The workout was 21 jumping pullups, 42 double under jump ropes, 21 barbell thrusters at 65 pounds then 18 pullups, 36 double under jump ropes, 18 barbell thrusters at 85 pounds then 15 chest to bar pullups, 30 double under jump ropes, 15 barbell thrusters at 105 pounds. As always in hindsight I shouldn't have taken so much rest between sets and the depth on some of my thrusters was definitely questionable but I did have to push those last 15 thruster reps as hard as I could and that was very satisfying! My next fitness goals are to compete in the GORUCK Selection event in October and to do Jiu Jitsu at least three times per week! This will really test my fitness and mental toughness! Wish me luck and keep training!

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